10 Signs Your Cat Loves You


We often expect our separated friends to show love the way we are used to it – so we’re very disappointed when they can’t always love them. But don’t despair, only you have your own way of showing affection. Here’s how to better understand their behavior:

1 .Grooming

Many recent studies indicate that your furry friend really sees you as a member of his cat family – that is, as an oversized cat (not particularly good at hunting). If she’s licking you or getting ready, consider this a good sign that you’re part of her clan.

2 .Biting

Affectionate cats appear with biting behavior, and your cat can do the same for you. However, if these small sharp teeth start to hurt, do not react badly as this could confuse them. Instead, draw their attention to a game or a fishing game.

3 .Eye contact

Cats interpret eye contact with a stranger – be it a cat or a human – as a threat. If she is happy to look you in the eye, especially if she blinks slowly while doing this, she has lovingly accepted you as one of them.

4 .Head-butts

Cats mark their land with scent glands on the cheeks and head. By swinging your head or rubbing its chin against you, cats affectionately distinguish you.

5. Generous ‘gifts’

If your cat offers you a captured prey, it can play the role of a teacher – just like little cats will teach him how to hunt. Since she has never really seen you eat your food, she just assumes that you are a family member who needs an education.

6. Twitchy tails

A cat’s tail can be a good indication of how you are feeling and can help you understand its body language. If you approach its tail set high and see the tingling from side to side, interpret it as an international cat language for “I am a friend and I admire you.”

7. Meowing

Cats rarely meow in other cats. Instead, they use these conversations specifically to interact with people. And just like us, a cat is unlikely to “talk” about someone you don’t like. If your cat does a lot (even if it feeds well and warms up), it interacts with you out of love.

8. Kneading

There are many theories as to why cats knead, but experts believe that it is behavior that cats learn to stimulate the flow of milk from their mothers. By practicing this habit, your cat will again show that it accepts you as part of the family.

9. Sleeping… on you

As a natural hunter, your cat does not want to feel weak – and is especially keen to feel that way while you sleep. However, by sleeping on you, she presents herself to you to the fullest and shows her confidence and love for you.

10. Presenting her behind

Cats get to know each other by smell, so breathing in each other’s appearance is a very personal handshake. Although putting his tail on your face may look like a bounce, it is actually a sign that you are one of the most trusted and loved people.