12 Signs You’ve Got a Mama’s Dog by Your Side


We choose all of our favorites, whether we admit them or not. When it comes to dogs, they choose the preferred person and see no reason to hide them. Some may call it sticky. You just called them. Here are 12 signs that you are one of the lucky mothers of dogs with Mama Dog next to you.

#1 – Will Not Leave Your Side

Mom’s dogs want to be with mom. Not a little time. It’s not part of the time. But each mother loved him. If you go to the kitchen, it comes too. Go out and get some mail and want to follow. Leave to work, see # 2 below. Your child’s fur looks like a heart-shaped shadow trailing behind each movement.

#2 – Sits at the Door Waiting for You

Whether you go to work, the grocery store, with friends or to the mailbox, you know exactly where you will find your faithful companion. She will be right there at the door where she looked at her favorite face for the last time, very patiently waiting to see you again.

#3 – Favors You Above All Others

The affection of others is all fine and well, but only as a means to pass the time until you become available again. Your pup will happily cuddle up in the lap of an adoring fan, being worked over top to tail. But if you walk back into the room? That “other” is dropped like a bad habit and your pup is swiftly back in your orbit, right where she belongs. 

#4 – Being Next to You Isn’t Close Enough

Your puppy wants to be close to you. Not “next to you” nearby. More like an ending “above you”. It is not unusual for her to sit modestly at the bottom of your knees and push her side against your chest in a futile attempt to do so.

#5 – He Has a Seat at the Table

At dinner time, he will not sit down to eat on the floor next to the table. It is highly recommended that his nose be close to your knee or, if you allow, a literal seat on the table. He will take his plate on a plate or have what you have. Enjoy your meal!

#6 – You Do Your Business with an Audience

Puppies with you should know no limits, even in the bathroom. From the day she brought her home, she confirmed the open door policy in the bathroom, which has taken years to build up in human relationships.

#7 – The Park is Play Time for You Two

Some puppies go around the garden, sit with other dogs and spend a lot of time playing the old puppy. Your daughter prefers to sit next to you to watch because when it comes to the park or elsewhere, you are the main event. She loves you as much as you do outside.

#8 – The Sight of You Incites Puppy Zooms

Have you ever walked outside where your dog chewed on sticks or threw balls with oil, and the same message he sends to him is to enlarge the puppy? He’s so excited and can’t hide it! You are the greatest thing of all time and you have come to prove it with fast turns.

#9 – She Only Has Ears for You

Children can tell him to come. Dad could tell him to sit down. A neighbor can call him by name. You will ignore them all. If you whisper his name in two rooms, he’ll connect you at high speed, grab your attention, and wait for each command.

#10 – He Stares at You with Those Eyes

You know them. Your puppy looks into the eyes of a thousand wonderful poems in one look. The love, commitment and pure love that appear in this look is enough to melt your heart and make you feel weak. It’s just softer.

#11 – She Turns on a Dime

As the “others” run out of the door to chase them into the yard, they bounce behind them in a fiery chase. Until you meet its environment and put on a full face. She forgets her plans and chooses what she wants instead.

#12 – He Sleeps by Your Side

He has a full rule at home and can take his place wherever he wants. Where to choose? Correct next to you. He feels more comfortable and allows a long sigh and gratitude before falling asleep with his body touching you. On cold nights, it can extend even between your legs.