Cat personality according to color


Like humans or other animals, each cat has its own personality , which can be influenced by sexual factors (male or female), hormonal factors or whether or not they have had a proper socialization process in their puppy phase.

However, many experts assert that there is a direct relationship between melanin and cat dopamine that causes one personality type or another. is this really true? Find out in the Animal Expert about the personality characteristics of cats, according to their color .

Read on and find out if the characteristics described are similar to your cat’s personality!

Can cat color determine your personality?

According to Feline Five studies that analyze the personality of cats, we can find 5 guiding axes: neuroticism, extroversion, dominance, impulsivity and pleasantness. Some characteristics such as insecurity, nervousness, irritability, shyness and calmness, for example, fit within any of the axes mentioned.

However, research does not rule out that, besides the colors of cats and their breeds, to have a more complete analysis of the personality of each one of them, a more detailed study is needed . This includes the basis that each cat’s domestic breeding structure justifies for certain behaviors.

Because colors bring so many meanings, it is natural for tutors to relate the meaning of each color to the general personality traits of cats. Research at Berkeley ¹ at the University of California has yielded interesting results. Initially, the research was done through reports of pet cat tutors with different colors, to know a little more about the personality characteristics of each one of them.

The survey showed that the orange cat is considered friendly, very affectionate and that cats of this color have more positive characteristics when compared to white cat, for example.

The bicolor cat was also considered affectionate, just as the white cat , the black cat, and the tricolor cat were also characterized as more shy, lazy, and less sociable. Black cats are known for the mystery that surrounds them, a fact that may be related to their strong personality and why they tend to be indifferent most of the time.

Tricolor Cats

Like carey cats, tricolor cats also have a surprising and variable personality. They are often very playful and curious. A curious fact is that tricolor cats are always female . This genetic peculiarity with your personality may be related to hormonal changes.

It is these changes that influence the personality of cats. An interesting feature found in the tricolor cat is its strong energy, they are quite active most of the time.

Bicolor cats

The bicolor cat usually has a stable and distant personality. They can be very affectionate and then run away when you try to touch them. This peculiarity of their personality makes them extremely curious and surprising.

Black cat

We know that black cats are culturally associated with bad luck as a result of their persecution in the Middle Ages. However, in other cultures, the black cat receives much more favorable treatment. The truth is that the black cat is more likely to have a quiet, shy and at the same time very affectionate personality. If you ever adopt a black cat, you can confirm that he has something special and unique, an even more sensitive personality than other cats .

Orange cat

Analyzing the personality of cats according to their color, it can be concluded that the orange cat is especially sweet , being considered charismatic, because it meows in search of affection, affection and affectionate words. These cats love to rub in the tutor and receive affection. The orange cat is also known to be the most sympathetic feline with all of all existing cat colors, for its great reception while being petted . However, in the beginning they are usually shy like any newcomer, right?

White cat

White cats are undoubtedly those who have a more complex and difficult to understand personality. It usually takes longer and the guardian should have patience to establish a relationship, as they are often very suspicious, but once friendship is formed, it is forever.

Apart from family members, the white cat is usually the most shy , distant and sometimes aggressive. Usually takes any circumstance to launch your blow. However, and as has been said, he is very loyal with whom he has his trust.

Carey cats

The carey cats have a beautiful, mythological and supernatural history. They may therefore be cats of varying personality. However, a carey cat is the most faithful friend that can exist.

They are usually shy and distant cats with strangers, but once there is a strong bond, the carey cat shows all its affection in the best feline style, with bites and small scratches.

Gray cat

Gray cats usually have a mischievous , fun and affectionate posture . They are very beautiful and feature a bit of all personalities. It is a fantastic cat that lets you manipulate and caress without losing its feline nature. Due to his curiosity and playfulness , he is often described by his tutors as attitude cats .

Meanings of cat colors according to spirituality

We can distinguish the personality of cats according to their color, but the esoteric world also has its interpretation of the color of its feline’s fur. In this context, colors have different meanings and energies . With that in mind, let’s list meanings according to spiritual and esoteric approaches.

  • Black cat : The cat of this color involves special magic. The black cat is believed to provide security to its guardian and can absorb unwanted energies, thus cleaning the environment where it lives.
  • Orange cat : Your energy represents the radiant force of the sun. Its color attracts creativity, money, prosperity and insight.
  • Gray cat : The gray color resembles something stable, peaceful and peaceful. This color in cats can bring affection, luck and lovingness.
  • White cat : The white color is associated with the strong energy of the moon, and brings with it the healing power and balance of the environment.
  • Bicolor cat : The colors together emanate positive energies that vibrate to strengthen friendship, understanding and respect.
  • Tricolor cat : The energy of colors has the power of feminine power. They attract luck and offer home protection.

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