How to stop the dog from biting


Let’s consider in this article those dogs that are biting “for play”, such as puppies that have not learned that they cannot bite and adult dogs that have not been raised either.

For aggressive bites, you need to seek professional help, as this is a serious case and involves some risk.

In relation to puppies, in fact they interact with their mother and siblings with their mouths and the biting game is common among them. Dogs are less sensitive to pain than humans, so when puppies arrive at our homes, these jokes are not wanted by us.

A very common mistake is that pet owners find cute and encourage these bites when the dog is a puppy, but the dog grows with this habit and when it gets a little bigger, the owner is bothered because the bites hurt now. But the dog never learned that it could not bite, on the contrary, it was encouraged!

puppy bitingYou need to be consistent in your dog’s teachings, no point one day you find something cool and then you get mad at the same behavior you once thought was cute.

Along with peeing in the wrong place , puppy bites are the champion problem for new dog owners’ complaints. But be calm, there is a solution!

Believe me, it’s MUCH easier than you think, you just have to be consistent. That is, if you cannot bite, you can NEVER bite. It’s no use if sometimes you leave and sometimes not. Your dog will be confused, lost and will not learn anything.